More than 1,000,000 older people in the UK suffer from chronic loneliness which is especially severe at Christmas time.

Loneliness is an affliction which is hard to empathize with. It has no physical manifestation and most of us are lucky enough to experience it for small periods of time.

Age UK asked us to find a way to engage with an audience bombarded with charity messages at Christmas time and make them care for the plight of lonely, elder people.

Our solution was to share stories of real people interpreted as short pieces of drama performed by one of the most respected and loved actors in the UK.

It was a privilege to see James Bolam at work and have him read my words.

The campaigns principal KPI was to encourage 5000 people to enquire about volunteering for Age UK’s Call In Time service.

By the close of the campaign after 6 weeks Age UK had received 25,000 calls.


Brief: Carte Noire is a brand that has had issues connecting with an audience due to a lack of personality which is odd considering the strong French heritage it enjoys and the loyalty of it’s customers once they discover the rich & intense coffee. Our brief was to use this intensity and celebrate the French essence to bring some passion to Carte Noire.
Solution: Taking our inspiration from the great, French, New Wave directors (Godard in particular) we grabbed a camera, a couple of gorgeous French actors and fresh new directing talent Jamie Muir and a high intensity, black & white love story on the run. “Le Baiser”
Platforms: “Le Baiser” formed the centre-piece of a media partnership with The Guardian and Everyman Cinemas celebrating Intense French Cinema. Our short was shown on the big screen and was seeded online.

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