November 2016 I get a call from a mysterious character telling me he has a top secret project he needs help with. Apparently it’s going to be the greatest project of all time and I’d be a loser to miss it.

Against my better judgement I agreed to meet this curious stranger in his “Super awesome hide-out” (his words not mine) which happened to be in a bat infested cave in the middle of nowhere.

Turns out this weirdo was a tiny, plastic dude goes by the name of Batman, he’d somehow convinced Warner Brothers to make a film about him.

The film was finished, and pretty good by all accounts. ‘Batman’ (I’m pretty sure that’s not his real name) had made a bunch of trailers for the movie, pretty much all of which were banging on about how amazing he was and everyone else sucks, but he wanted to make sure UK audiences got the message about his ‘mega-awesomeness’ in a way that had never been done before. Man he was annoying.

Anyway I managed to cajole Channel 4 into letting this little caped-freak take-over their continuity announcements for a week. My team & I wrote 30 scripts, 17 of which were animated by the clever dudes in Burbank who made the Lego Batman Movie and the Bat fixated dude himself crashed onto the channel in February.

Against all the odds Lego Batman’s movie made a ton of cash and of course he took all the credit.


More than 1,000,000 older people in the UK suffer from chronic loneliness which is especially severe at Christmas time.

Loneliness is an affliction which is hard to empathize with. It has no physical manifestation and most of us are lucky enough to experience it for small periods of time.

Age UK asked us to find a way to engage with an audience bombarded with charity messages at Christmas time and make them care for the plight of lonely, elder people.

Our solution was to share stories of real people interpreted as short pieces of drama performed by one of the most respected and loved actors in the UK.

It was a privilege to see James Bolam at work and have him read my words.

The campaigns principal KPI was to encourage 5000 people to enquire about volunteering for Age UK’s Call In Time service.

By the close of the campaign after 6 weeks Age UK had received 25,000 calls.

Good Times

For McDonald’s Summer 2016 was all about bringing “The Good Times” to the people of the UK wherever they were. But if you couldn’t make it to the McFlurry Van for free ice cream and games, we brought the Good Times to you with a liberal sprinkling of Summer daftness via #HelloGoodTimes.

A series of social content featuring the audiences favourite YouTube talent to get over that familiar FOMO feeling gave McDonald’s their most highly engaged with content of the year.

Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

‘Respect The Water’

2 thirds of those who lose their lives around the coast of the UK are men aged between 18 and 39.

We were challenged by RNLI to create a campaign that would encourage these lads to Respect The Water.

However young men have a habit of thinking themselves invincible and certainly won’t be lectured by charities into behaving themselves, no matter how well meaning.

We had to talk to our audience through a medium that was relevant to them.

LadBible is the most popular social, editorial platform for young  men dealing mostly in humour. In a brave move we convinced RNLI to work with LadBible to create a series of hard-hitting, beautifully shot films telling real stories about people like them getting into serious trouble in the water.

These films were part of summer of activity including reactive editorial across LadBibles social channels that went on to be RNLI’s most successful awareness campaign of all time.


Brief: Carte Noire is a brand that has had issues connecting with an audience due to a lack of personality which is odd considering the strong French heritage it enjoys and the loyalty of it’s customers once they discover the rich & intense coffee. Our brief was to use this intensity and celebrate the French essence to bring some passion to Carte Noire.
Solution: Taking our inspiration from the great, French, New Wave directors (Godard in particular) we grabbed a camera, a couple of gorgeous French actors and fresh new directing talent Jamie Muir and a high intensity, black & white love story on the run. “Le Baiser”
Platforms: “Le Baiser” formed the centre-piece of a media partnership with The Guardian and Everyman Cinemas celebrating Intense French Cinema. Our short was shown on the big screen and was seeded online.

Everyman External

Everyman external


Brief: McDonalds is the biggest employer of 16 to 24 year olds in the UK but there is very little love for the brand. We were tasked with shifting perception of the McDonalds amongst this audience to being their biggest champion, challenging and empowering them to realize their ambitions.
Solution: Channel Us. McDonalds biggest social media platform sees up & coming talent given 72 hours to pull together a team and produce a project that fulfills a lifetimes ambition. In return we provide the tools & mentorship to help get the job done.
Platforms: 3 x weekly videos on Youtube form the centerpiece of the project with mini-formats and challenges designed for Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 4.37.14 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 4.37.43 PM


Brief: Asian food brand Amoy were losing market share due to a perception that their selection of ready sauces and ingredients did not constitute healthy cooking. With a target audience of younger foodies, we were tasked to create content that would prove Amoy’s products are not only top quality but also easy to use.
Solution: With so many brands providing ‘how to’s’ and recipe content, we took a swerve in engaging with an audience who are heavy social media followers and avid consumers of YouTube entertainment. Working with North One Productions & Huffington post we created ‘Feasts On The Street’ a 5 part reality show where a group of comedians and vloggers were challenged to create their own Street Food stall serving the public delicious Asian dishes using Amoy ingredients.
Results: With Feasts On The Street as their only communications push for the season, Amoy enjoyed their best Chinese New Year ever.
Platforms: Youtube, Huffington Post


Brief: With rock behemoths ACDC returning with their first album in 6 years, Columbia records asked us to create a teaser trailer that to launch Rock Or Bust with a bang… in 3 weeks time… with a budget of £2k.
Solution: We knew there was a stunt planned to blow up a quarry in Eastern Europe in a bid to create the ACDC logo out of stone. We used that event to tell a bigger story that begins in space. A clever (and cheap!) combination of stock footage & 3d sent the audience on a freefall from orbit to detonate the explosion signifying ACDC’s return.
Results: Launched on Facebook the teaser received 3 million views in 5 days. Rock Or Bust went to number 1 in 12 countries.
Platforms: Youtube & Facebook


Brief: As part of an ongoing project with Universal Music, HP asked us to activate their ‘Bend The Rules’ campaign at an exclusive gig with Indie-Pop darlings Bastille.
Solution: In collaboration with Experiential Tech geniuses Drive Production, we used technology to create a first of it’s kind. Full interactive on stage AV powered by the audiences dancing feet.
Results: With hundreds of thousands of views of our films online and extensive press coverage ‘Bend The Rules With Bastille’ kicked off a series of interactive music projects between HP & Universal music.
Platforms: Youtube, Experiential, Digital


Brief: Oreo’s 2015 campaign focussed upon what the brand termed “Oreoheads”. People who use imagination and play to drive their curiosity. We were asked to define “Oreoheads” for 16 to 25 year olds.
Solution: After our success with YouTubers on “Oreo Lick Race” we worked again with TomSka, Emma Blackery & Kick The PJ, with the addition singer songwriter Carrie Fletcher, challenging them to partner up with someone they’ve never worked with before to create 3 unique, collaborative films.
Results: “Play With Oreo” proved even more successful than the previous campaign garnering  more than 2,100,000 views in total.
Platforms: Youtube
Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 13.27.23

Carrie Hope Fletcher’s ‘O.R.E.O Song’

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 13.21.36

Emma Blackery & KickThePJ’s ‘How To Cook Up A Monster’