November 2016 I get a call from a mysterious character telling me he has a top secret project he needs help with. Apparently it’s going to be the greatest project of all time and I’d be a loser to miss it.

Against my better judgement I agreed to meet this curious stranger in his “Super awesome hide-out” (his words not mine) which happened to be in a bat infested cave in the middle of nowhere.

Turns out this weirdo was a tiny, plastic dude goes by the name of Batman, he’d somehow convinced Warner Brothers to make a film about him.

The film was finished, and pretty good by all accounts. ‘Batman’ (I’m pretty sure that’s not his real name) had made a bunch of trailers for the movie, pretty much all of which were banging on about how amazing he was and everyone else sucks, but he wanted to make sure UK audiences got the message about his ‘mega-awesomeness’ in a way that had never been done before. Man he was annoying.

Anyway I managed to cajole Channel 4 into letting this little caped-freak take-over their continuity announcements for a week. My team & I wrote 30 scripts, 17 of which were animated by the clever dudes in Burbank who made the Lego Batman Movie and the Bat fixated dude himself crashed onto the channel in February.

Against all the odds Lego Batman’s movie made a ton of cash and of course he took all the credit.


Brief: As part of an ongoing project with Universal Music, HP asked us to activate their ‘Bend The Rules’ campaign at an exclusive gig with Indie-Pop darlings Bastille.
Solution: In collaboration with Experiential Tech geniuses Drive Production, we used technology to create a first of it’s kind. Full interactive on stage AV powered by the audiences dancing feet.
Results: With hundreds of thousands of views of our films online and extensive press coverage ‘Bend The Rules With Bastille’ kicked off a series of interactive music projects between HP & Universal music.
Platforms: Youtube, Experiential, Digital


Brief: In honesty? There wasn’t one. We’d just discovered Augmented Reality and thought ‘I bet you could make a cool music video with that’.
Solution: This was 2009 when A R was still exciting. With our designers Blac Ionica we trawled shady tech forums & found some genius developers in Bogota. We talked Columbia Records into giving us access to rising star Julian Perretta and went to town. Many sleepless nights and transatlantic Skype convos letter, our AR Pop-Up book music video was born.
Results: A genuine first, quite a bit of press, a bronze LIA, a European Music Video Award nomination and inclusion in One Dot Zero’s 2009 tour.
Platforms: Digital, Youtube, Experiential.


Guardian Write Up