November 2016 I get a call from a mysterious character telling me he has a top secret project he needs help with. Apparently it’s going to be the greatest project of all time and I’d be a loser to miss it.

Against my better judgement I agreed to meet this curious stranger in his “Super awesome hide-out” (his words not mine) which happened to be in a bat infested cave in the middle of nowhere.

Turns out this weirdo was a tiny, plastic dude goes by the name of Batman, he’d somehow convinced Warner Brothers to make a film about him.

The film was finished, and pretty good by all accounts. ‘Batman’ (I’m pretty sure that’s not his real name) had made a bunch of trailers for the movie, pretty much all of which were banging on about how amazing he was and everyone else sucks, but he wanted to make sure UK audiences got the message about his ‘mega-awesomeness’ in a way that had never been done before. Man he was annoying.

Anyway I managed to cajole Channel 4 into letting this little caped-freak take-over their continuity announcements for a week. My team & I wrote 30 scripts, 17 of which were animated by the clever dudes in Burbank who made the Lego Batman Movie and the Bat fixated dude himself crashed onto the channel in February.

Against all the odds Lego Batman’s movie made a ton of cash and of course he took all the credit.


More than 1,000,000 older people in the UK suffer from chronic loneliness which is especially severe at Christmas time.

Loneliness is an affliction which is hard to empathize with. It has no physical manifestation and most of us are lucky enough to experience it for small periods of time.

Age UK asked us to find a way to engage with an audience bombarded with charity messages at Christmas time and make them care for the plight of lonely, elder people.

Our solution was to share stories of real people interpreted as short pieces of drama performed by one of the most respected and loved actors in the UK.

It was a privilege to see James Bolam at work and have him read my words.

The campaigns principal KPI was to encourage 5000 people to enquire about volunteering for Age UK’s Call In Time service.

By the close of the campaign after 6 weeks Age UK had received 25,000 calls.


Brief: Oreo. A singularly American brand with an established set of rituals attached. How to introduce UK teens to the Oreo Lick Race (a way to settle differences via a race to lick the cream from inside an Oreo) in a way that is authentic and relevant.
Solution: Collaborate with people the audience love to create a set of genuinely entertaining interpretations of the Oreo Lick Race. This meant organising a pool party for the cast of TOWIE and being banned by the ASA for encouraging YouTubers to go a bit too far.
Results: Not only did our work with TomSka, Kick The PJ & Dan & Phil garner millions of hits, it became the content talking point of the year after some helpful soul at CBBC’s Newsround dobbed us in to the ASA. Thanks a bunch John Craven.
Platform: Youtube & TV



Brief: Chips Ahoy! America’s favourite cookie brand with zero awareness in the UK. How to launch a new cookie with a cheeky reputation into a crowded marketplace.
Solution: Pissing off a lot of people it seems. We took one of the most iconic TV ads of all time, Cadbury’s drumming Gorilla, and Hijacked it with Chips Ahoy’s Cookie Guy.
Results: Boy did this kick up a stink. The clip which aired once on TV was torn apart in the industry press but you know what? The audience loved it (positive tweets went through the roof) and launch sales smashed all Mondelez’ targets.
Platforms: TV


Brief: The work of Sergio Leone is woven into the fabric of Italian culture. How to promote a season of his films that articulates this while taking a fresh look at the master’s iconography?
Solution: A stylish collage of Italian life which reveals the influence of Leone in sound.
Results: The Sergio Leone Season gave Sky Cinema Classics its highest ratings of the year. The spot won all the gongs from Promax to a D&AD Pencil.
Platforms: TV

Screen shot 2011-03-13 at 19.07.28



Brief:  Cadbury tend to lose out at Christmas as consumers look for something “special” in their yuletide Choc.
Solution:  Without the budget to compete with the season’s blockbuster ads, we had to think differently. With ITV & the crew of Celebrity Juice we created a sitcom to “Unwrap Joy” in the lead up to Christmas.
Results:  Cadbury’s best Christmas in years for sales & brand empathy.
Platforms: TV, Youtube, Twitter.


Two of the nation’s favourite brands, ITV and Cadbury, are delivering some real gift-wrapped, festive joy to your screens this season with a series of hilarious Christmas short films. So, if you want to see Keith’s take on sledging, Fearne’s best party dancing, Paddy’s party popper… tune in this Christmas!


Brief:  Sainsbury’s traditionally sees a dip during mid-summer as their customers disappear off on holiday. We were asked to give the brand ownership over the anticipation of summer.
Solution: A series of 11 short films aired on ITV, entirely driven by social media, that curated the audience’s images & videos of their anticipation and first moments of Summer.
Platforms: TV, Youtube & Social Media Recruitment.


Brief: Esure will honour your no claims bonus even if you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.
Idea: Let’s put that claim to the test with the most bizarre road rage incident in the universe.
Result: No 4 Marketing Week “Ad Watch”
Platforms: TV



“I don’t know if this is the right department to contact but I needed to make a comment about the Esure advert on TV with the UFO landing on a car. I normally hate adverts and switch off/over/ignore them but I just saw your ad and thought it was excellent! A great way to get the message across and it was funny. I’ll get a quote from E-sure in October when the insurance is renewed just because of this ad. Nice one.”

Steven Sherwood, Oxford